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As the world reopens Sat 11th June 2022

Welcome to Northampton

A Community Organisation

Saturday 11th June 2022

Thank you so much to everyone involved in this year’s Online Carnival. It certainly has been different, and we are proud that Northampton has has kept the carnival spirit alive.

Please watch our video filled with performances, troupes, messages of support and so much more. We are now planning next year’s event. Whether it’s in the park or online Northampton Carnival will go on.

Thank you for your continued support.


In 2004 a small group of volunteers took up the challenge of re-introducing carnival to the streets of Northampton bringing a multicultural flavour to the new event.

The Northampton Carnival Arts Consortium was formed and on Saturday 11th June 2005 they produced the first revived Northampton Carnival.

The main aims of NCAC are:

• To bring a high-quality carnival – costumes, music, performances, etc to Northampton that is easily accessible to the population of Northamptonshire.

• To foster, encourage and promote an understanding and appreciation of carnival with a multi-cultural flavour.

• To provide a meaningful liaison between NCAC and groups, institutions and organisations (local, regional, national and international) with similar objectives.

• To promote the creative and multicultural skills of the people of Northamptonshire and in so doing enhance their quality of life.

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Summer of

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