At Northampton Carnival & Cultural Arts Ltd,

Each year the organisation has strived to fulfil it’s aims and meet the challenges of putting on this huge community event involving as many local schools, organisations, charities, small businesses as possible.

The event has two parts to it – the carnival parade of floats and troupes and the stalls and stage performances at the venue. Every year there is a theme for the parade and this gives opportunities for creative interpretations which make the parade a spectacular sight. Leading up to the event we also run workshops that assist paraders in bringing their ideas to life. The parade usually leaves from the venue and travels in to town and returns to the starting point.

What to expect

At the venue there is a wide variety of stalls that include Caribbean food, cultural arts and crafts, clothing, jewellery, promotional stalls for charities, sweets and treats, a variety of foods and also a full running bar.

There is also a huge funfair with sensational rides for everyone. An entertainment showcase of local and regional talent keeps the stage popping from the start of the event to the finish. There is always an array of entertainment such as solo acts, bands, dance groups and choirs. When the parade returns to the venue some of the paraders, especially visiting carnival troupes, treat the audience to a vibrant choreographed performance.

Northampton carnival is an event for the entire family and continues to grow and develop attracting a huge audience of onlookers along the parade route and at the venue. The community gets totally involved through participating in and attending what is undoubtedly the biggest annual summer event in Northampton town.

We extend an invitation to come and enjoy this multicultural event that gives you a true taste of the diverse cultures and lifestyles that are unique to Northampton.

This years theme is

Celebrating The
People Who Came

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