World renowned costume artist supports Northampton Carnival

Emma has worked in carnivals and outdoor art around the world, and although now largely based in London, she was keen to help out at Northampton.

“I am from Northampton so I really wanted to be involved. We had a workshop in the Weston Favell Centre and I am doing another at the Racecourse on June 4. I will help people in any way I can. Sometimes i work with a group that want to know how to create something specific, like a horse costume, how to attach it to the body so it is supported. With only a week to go before the carnival at my next workshop, hopefully it will be more about tweaking costumes that are nearly finished,” she said.

Emma is a designer and maker of kinetic costumes, specializing in outdoor performance and carnival arts. She began working in carnival arts with Mahogany in 2000 while at college and is still part of the team 16 years on. Regularly collaborating with leading carnival and outdoor art companies, Emergency Exit Arts, Festive Road, Mandinga Arts Emma works on carnivals all over the UK and abroad.

In 2014 she made the opening piece for community samba group, Embaixadores da Alegria for the parade of champions in Rio Carnival. Most recently she collaborated with 20 carnival artists in Transform Carnival, Ahmedabad in India 2016.

Emma aims to create work that is as playful and enjoyable to wear or carry as it is to watch. Combining the spectacle of carnival with storytelling and participation, ideas can provoke, inspire or purely for fun, the possibilities are endless!”

As a native of Northampton Emma has been happy to be one of the main facilitators for workshops organised by Northampton Carnival Arts Consortium since its inception and will be running one final workshop on Saturday 4th June at The Pavillion on The Racecourse, starting at 11 am and running until 4 pm.

Emma will be bringing a set of costumes to this years Northampton Carnival that are the start of a new for a tour later this summer. Metamorphosis the story of the caterpillar and will be showcased again at the Northampton Umbrella Fair.

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